All Levels Beginners to Seasoned Yogis
  Explore the practice of Yoga at your pace. A heavily modified practice will offer beginner Yogis an accessible class while seasoned Yogis will be offered the options to take their practice a little further. A classic yoga flow class with focus on breath and movement. All are welcome!


All Levels + Beginners to Seasoned Yogis


We take our All Levels practice and spice it up a bit. Getting deeper in our practice with the addition of some slightly more advanced poses. This is a great opportunity for new Yogis to get guidance through some unfamiliar poses, and our more experienced Yogis can get a deeper understanding of some more advanced poses at a slower more intentional pace.


Strength & Stamina Intermediate to Seasoned Yogis


Get that sweat on! Flow with the breath at an intentional but quickened pace in this powerful class. Enhance stamina with a quicker flow of movement and breath, then find stillness and strength while holding more challenging poses. Yogis with a basic knowledge of Yoga poses and their names encouraged.


Release & Relax Beginners to Seasoned Yogis


A restorative practice intended to rejuvenate the mind and body. With a heavy focus on the breath, we explore meditation while supported in poses for long periods of time.  We allow the warmth of the room and the support of props to stretch tired bodies and ease restless minds. The Instructor will assist the body’s process of finding release through optional hands on adjustment and light massage. This class is accessible and encouraged to anyone at any step in their Yoga journey- From beginners to advanced, come and relax.