Boy Scouts Climbing Badge

Niagara Climbing Center offers rock climbing programs exclusively for Boy Scouts of all ages. The interactive courses are taught by Niagara Climbing Center’s highly trained instructors and have been specifically adapted to meet Boy Scout requirements for earning climbing badges.

Climbing is unique – it combines technique, grace, balance, flexibility, strength and concentration. It is a sport where boys have their own natural advantages. It challenges more than just the body; it requires problem-solving skills, concentration and focus. Reaching the top of a climb gives an immense sense of physical and mental satisfaction.


Tigers, Bears and Wolves can come try rock climbing any time. Boy Scouts, 13 years or older, can earn their Climbing Merit Badge. However, Boy Scouts must have their First Aid Merit Badge and review the Climbing Merit Badge booklet prior to class.


The 2.5 to 3 hour interactive course will help you learn all aspects of how to climb safely in our indoor climbing gym. You will learn basic climbing stretches & warm-ups, climbing skills & safety commands, climbing knots, and belaying techniques.

Climbing Merit Badge

Boy Scouts will learn about climbing equipment, climbing commands, rope handling, knot tying and environmental awareness during the first hour and half to two hours. The Scouts will then learn how to prepare their bodies for adventure sports through stretches & warm-ups. Then the Scouts are suited up in a harness and ready to climb in a fun and controlled indoor environment. Climbing time will vary.